On the Wings of Dragonflies

Coaches and spiritual leaders talk about signs. They tell us to ask for them, and the divine will provide. They tell us to be open to receiving them, and we will see them. They don’t happen when your looking, they happen when you’re not.

This morning I walked out my back door to smoke a cigarette; I lit it and settled into a patio chair to enjoy the sun and watch the water shimmer on the grass. I was mesmerized by the water droplets when a dragonfly flitted right by me. I watched him in slow motion as he turned and came straight for me. I blinked and realized it was a sign.

When signs want to be seen, they will be. You won’t miss them.

He hung around me for about 20 minutes, not just in the yard, flying within inches of me. I finally spoke up and acknowledged him, softly telling him that I see him. He flew up to me one last time, as if to tell me thank You for seeing me; then off he flew.

When I finally went back in, I Googled the meaning of seeing a dragon fly; the meaning, courtesy of SpiritAnimal.info, is:

  • ”…Change and transformation
  • Adaptability
  • Joy, lightness of being
  • Symbol of the realm of emotions, invitation to dive deeper into your feeling
  • Being on the lookout for illusions and deceits, whether are external or personal
  • Connection with nature’s spirits, fairies realms…”
(Please check out their website for more info on dragonflies and other encounters with animals.)

I have been both stagnant and in motion; restless and at peace. Struggling to maintain a part-time job with full-time hours, building a business, being supportive for friends in need, holding space in my relationship, and just trying to maintain my grounded-ness.

I crave freedom, and yet want roots. I feel weak, but am perceived as strong. I am in a place where everything is up in the air, and yet everything seems in peace. I’ve been here, in this state of stagnancy and flow, so many times in my life I can’t even name them all. It’s the place of calm after the storm. It’s where trauma becomes nothing more than a point in your past (even if it was just yesterday it happened) and now is all that matters.

My little dragonfly visitor reminded me of so many things. His timing was perfect, as all signs are when they arrive, and his meaning hit home.


When trauma happens, and it can be trauma of any kind, know that change and transformation are part of life, an important part of life. Know that the more adaptable you are, the more receptive and less combative to the changes you will be. Know that joy is always a choice we can make, even for a few fleeting moments. Know that the emotions are ready to be processed, not repressed; buried beneath layers of hurt and victimhood. Know that you can control you situation with your choices, avoid letting your ego choose for you. And know that your connection to the Divine and to nature are healing.

This, this is what my little dragonfly visitor reminded me this morning. My 20 minutes of peace came from a lovely little visitor the Divine chose to visit me.


~ Kally