Workshop: Dreams & Goals (Casper, WY)

Dreams & Goals

Ever since we were children, we’ve all had dreams… to be an astronaut, or an actress, or a veterinarian. As we got older, our dreams became clouded with other people’s ideas of what we should and shouldn’t be doing. This Dreams & Goals work shop is designed to dig deep and ask yourself what you really want in your life; whether that be career, relationships, business, family, friends, hobbies… anything.

Course Schedule:

2 Day Course: August 3rd & 10th (Thursday Nights) @ 6pm


1 Day Course: September 3rd (Sunday) @ 11am

What to expect:

  • Take a good long look at your dreams over the years
  • Ask your heart and soul what it wants through mediation and visualization
  • Explore different ways to set and work with goals to find what works best for you
  • Learn how to navigate road blocks while pursing your dreams


  • Early bird reservation: $175.00 if registered by July 20th for 2 day workshop or August 20th for 1 day workshop.
  • $225 after early bird registration periods for either workshop


  • Dreams & Goals workbook
  • One 60 min. coaching session *

* Coaching sessions are good during the workshop and until October 1st, 2017.

Register Here

Limited to 6 participants.


Kallasandra M. Moran, CPC

Kallasandra became a life coach after realizing that helping others define and pursue their passions and happiness was her passion and life’s purpose.  Kallasandra practices what she teaches and believes that by walking the walk and talking the talk, she is promoting peace, happiness and passion in others. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Kallasandra is a self-proclaimed gypsy, currently living in Casper, Wyoming.


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